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Toronto, Canada: +1 - 416 - 800 - 4714

How to buy domains

1.  Choose domains you would like to buy from our domain auction website and send your inquiry (it is better when you send a price you are ready to pay for a defenite domain name) or just call us using our phone numbers:

Toronto, Canada: 1-416-800-4714

New York, USA: 1-718-873-2381

2.  Our managers will arrange all necessary procedures of transferring domains and money.

3.  After completion of all the procedures you will get your new domains.

4.  Use our Domain Classifieds and Domain Forum to find domains you can be interested in. Note that buying domains in Domain Classifieds without using our brokerage or escrow services is at your own responsibility and we are not the representatives of domain sellers listing their domains in Domain Classifieds.

How to sell domains

Want to sell your domain or domains?

Use The`  services. We offer different ways to sell your domains:

1.  Use Featured listing to increase your domains`visibility on our website and get all the advantages of quick sale. Featured Listing on the main page costs 50 USD for a month for one domain.

2.  Domain Listing - list your domains on our domain auction website – you pay 5 USD for a domain only once (your domain price should be defined).

We take a flat fee of 200 USD when your domains listed in Featured and Category listings are sold thanks to The` website (does not include Domain Classifieds and Domain Forum and Brokerage services). Also we can provide you with escrow services to  give you confidence and peace of mind while transferring of your domain names is taking place. The cost of escrow services is a subject to discuss.

3.  Use our Domain Brokerage Services to sell your domains.

4.  Use our Domain Classifieds to sell your domains. You are free to have an account on our Domain Classifieds and Domain Forum.

Note: All domain names are bought and sold in the name of our clients with all necessary privacy!